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Voting is Now Open for the 2015 Healthcare Excellence in Aquatics Award

2014 December 19

HydroWorx is proud to announce that the polls are now officially open for the 2015 Healthcare Excellence in Aquatics Award! This award has been created to recognize those who have achieved exceptional rehabilitation results through the use of advanced water therapy.4Nominees

Determination. Innovation. Excellence.

Who doesn’t love a truly inspiring story? It is our human nature to be drawn to stories of individuals overcoming the odds, breaking through barriers and truly redefining what is possible. We have all been impacted, in one way or another, after hearing these remarkable stories. Behind these truly amazing rehabilitation stories are the clinicians and medical staff who also sacrificed to ensure these individuals would reach their goals.

The 2015 Healthcare Excellence in Aquatics Award will recognize clinicians who, despite all odds, garnered superior rehabilitation results through innovative and sometimes unconventional methods. Eligible pioneers relied on aquatics as a medium to help achieve exceptional results. 

You can vote once a day until midnight on January 28th to support your top pick. The winner of the 2015 Excellence in Aquatics Award will be announced in the HydroWorx Booth, #1310, at the American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meeting in Indianapolis, IN on Friday February 6, 2015. 

Help us spread the word on Twitter and Facebook with #ExcellenceInAquatics.

 *AND THE NOMINEES (in alphabetical order) ARE…..

  • Leg Up Farm for Helping a Pediatric Patient with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Reach His Goals 
  • Premier Rehabilitation’s for the Inspiring Rehabilitation of a Lumbar Spinal Fusion Patient 
  • Pullman Regional Hospital for the Innovative Therapy Program for a 3-year-old Patient Recovering from a Brain Tumor 
  • UP Rehab Services for the Remarkable Recovery of a Quadriplegic Patient


*Read the full descriptions of each rehabilitation story and place your votes today.

Stay tuned for the full stories of each nomination in the coming weeks!

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Increasing Patient Outcomes with a Powerful Combination

2014 December 19

The following blog post has been summarized from the recent article on McKnights, “Good staff and quality equipment increase outcomes,” written by Keith McCrate, PT, Director of Rehab for Presbyterian Village North.

There are many different techniques and best practices for ensuring the highest quality of patient outcomes. But how do you know what works best for you and your facility? At Presbyterian Village North in Dallas, Texas, they focus on having quality equipment and high quality staff to achieve the best patient outcomes possible.

HydroWorx pool at Presbyterian Village North

HydroWorx pool at Presbyterian Village North

Presbyterian Village North, a non-profit organization, offers services in assisted living, skilled nursing, certified Alzheimer and dementia care, as well as inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. They believe in concentrating their efforts on what’s important to each individual with whom they come in contact.

One recent example of their individualized care was for a patient, who was in a terrible car accident. They didn’t know if she would ever walk again. She had a fracture in all four extremities, a total shoulder replacement, hand reconstruction and multiple fractures in her legs. She was thankful to be alive and really didn’t have the expectation that she would do anything ever again. She laid in bed for two months and they moved her to a chair and back, and that was the extent of her movement. That’s it. Then they were able to get permission from the doctors to get her in the water after her wounds healed. Just two months after she began in the pool, she had permission to be weight bearing on land and she walked across the therapy room. 1 month after that, she went home.

They were talking months and months before she would be able to do anything and in just two months, she was walking in the HydroWorx. What should have been about a 9-12 month recovery, ended up being 5 months—and she didn’t start rehabbing until two months post-op. – Keith McCrate

These results were no small feat, but it was all attributed to the powerful combination of quality equipment and staff combination.


One of the pieces of equipment that is an integral component of achieving successful patient outcomes at PVN is their HydroWorx 3500 Series pool with an underwater treadmill, resistance jets and video monitoring system. Keith shares  about integrating this piece of equipment, “As a physical therapist and administrator, I’ve seen this pool work wonders for many of our residents and patients through the years. As a staff, we wondered if water could help this patient. We felt that the hydrostatic pressure, warmth of the water, buoyancy and resistance would combine to enhance her stamina, muscle strength and flexibility.”

With the use of this technology the staff at Presbyterian Village North (PVN) was able to progress this patient, and many others, much faster and safer than they would have with just a land-based program. Within just 60 days of this patient getting in the water, she was discharged and walking with the use of a walker.


The second piece to this puzzle is creating a team of individuals who are highly trained and focused on improving the lives of everyone they serve. In order to provide exceptional care to their patients, a team of dedicated staff members is a must. With the high volume of patients they see in their HydroWorx pool, it is essential for the staff to be well-educated and trained on how to maximize their aquatic therapy sessions. Keith says that when he has spoken with facilities who have had aquatic therapy programs that have failed, it is almost always due to poorly trained staff.

At PVN they make a big investment in their staff, helping them incorporate hydrotherapy’s best practices and most recent technology. In order to ensure the best outcomes for their residents and patients, they know that they must devote extra time and energy to training staff members. The resulting benefits are invaluable to their success.

Read the full article today>>


To learn more about Why Water Worx for Senior Services, download our whitepaper today!

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4 Ways to Deliver Quality Care in Senior Services

2014 December 18

HW-Garden-Spot-00033The following post is summarized from the recent Executive Insight article, “Delivering Quality Care to Build a Healthy & Stable Business.”

Clear Choice Healthcare operates 10 post-acute care facilities, primarily in Florida. They are continually finding ways to provide quality care in the ever-changing healthcare environment. Four of the things they do to offer this care include:

  1. Building a quality team with a passion to serve and a positive attitude.
  2. Serving their patients by focusing not only on their medical or rehab goals, but also their personal goals.
  3. Investing wisely in equipment that provides the best functional outcomes for clients.
  4. Educating their community on health issues and facility offerings.

These are all important aspects to providing superior care to the thousands of people that turn 65 every day.

HydroWorx 500 Series pools are included in many of the Clear Choice facilities. Using advanced technology equipment like this offers great functional outcomes for their patients. Not only can they see great outcomes, it provides a more comfortable environment in which to work toward their clients’ personal goals. Sometimes, being able to walk from the house to the car seems overwhelming and scary, especially for those with balance issues. Using aquatic therapy can help individuals gain strength and balance without the fear of falling. These skills can then be transferred to land therapy and eventually to their activities of daily living. At Clear Choice, the underwater treadmill and resistance jets are used to challenge patients beyond their limits of stability without the fear of falling. This increases their confidence and provides improvements on land-based tasks.

Additionally, the natural properties of water combined with HydroWorx technology enhances cardiovascular stamina, muscle strength and flexibility as well as increases range of motion post-surgery.

It is important to educate physicians in the community about the technologies and outcomes provided by the facility. This can help to increase referrals and ultimately, the health of the community. Opening the facility up to those that are not older adults gives an opportunity to build relationships with individuals who may need the services in the future.

To learn more about Why Water Worx for Senior Services, download our whitepaper today!

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Facility Spotlight: Georgia State University

2014 December 15

Georgia State University Athletic Trainer Bob Murphy minces no words when talking about the benefits their HydroWorx therapy pool and plunge pool have had on the institution’s highly-regarded athletic programs. As he discusses the unique ways the pools are used for injury treatment, rehabilitation and recruitment, he is quick to add that the HydroWorx presence has set their sports programs apart from the competition.

HydroWorx 500 Series and Plunge pool at Georgia State University

HydroWorx 500 Series and Plunge pool at Georgia State University

Athletes, Coaches and Athletic Trainers Geared toward Success

Currently, the Division 1 University, located in Atlanta, GA, offers 16 competitive teams on which students can play.  From football to tennis, the institution’s diversity of athletics means one thing: plenty of young people require training, conditioning and rehabilitation throughout the school year.  Many of these athletes aspire to take their games to the professional level.  Even if they don’t, the HydroWorx pool can come into play for any athlete recovering from injuries or just trying to cross-train to improve performance.

Take the case of the 350-pound offensive lineman who had foot surgery.  Once the athlete receives the approval from his doctor to begin rehabilitation, he will be in the pool. At that point, Murphy and his team will help the football player get back his range of motion and normalize his gait.  And thanks to the buoyancy of the water, those 350 pounds will feel as little as 70 pounds depending upon the water level.

A Modern Facility with Industrial Ambiance

The HydroWorx pools are housed in Georgia State University’s football facility sports medicine area, an old industrial building with an urban loft look.  The open ceilings and polished concrete floors create a modern, yet classic, ambiance that’s different from the architecture on the rest of the campus.

The therapy pool compliments the style of the sports medicine facility as it creates a comfortable environment in which athletes can walk, run, jog and rehab.  As Murphy explains, he’s found the pools to be useful for a wide range of recovery purposes, from athletes with shoulder trauma to those who have had ACL tears.

Emotional and Physical Healing for Superior Performance

Beyond the purposes of injury rehab and extra conditioning, their pools also play a psychological role, especially for athletes who cannot successfully practice on land.  The ability to move in the water when they are prohibited to do so on land, provides the athletes with the boost they need to stay on track and get back on the court, field or gridiron.

We at HydroWorx congratulate, thank and support Georgia State University, and encourage everyone to celebrate the successes of their athletes and staff members.

The same HydroWorx technology that challenges 350 lb college lineman and professional athletes, provides outstanding care to active adults and senior living communities.

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Research Shows the Health Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for Adults

2014 December 10

As the days grow shorter and colder this season, it can be difficult to muster up the motivation to stay active, especially for aging adults. The thought of leaving the comfort of your warm home to head out into the cold to exercise does not always seem appealing. However, learning the benefits of warm water therapy for the aging adult, may be just enough to get you moving! And not to mention, the water is above 90 degrees!

Aquatic Exercise in the HydroWorx 500 Series pool

Aquatic Exercise in the HydroWorx 500 Series pool

A study from the University of Wisconsin titled, “Health Benefits of Underwater Treadmill Exercise for Active Adults,” was designed to assess the health benefits of hydrotherapy in active adults. Fourteen adults, who already exercised three days a week, participated in the five week research study. Each participant had a history of physical ailments. The individuals exercised on the HydroWorx underwater treadmill two days a week for forty minutes. The exercise consisted of both aerobic exercise and aquatic resistance training. Additionally, they each took a quality of life survey that measured the changes in flexibility, ability to perform daily activities, energy levels and overall sleep patterns.

All of the participants reported positive responses in the areas surveyed. They all expressed feeling better both physically and psychologically during the 5 week aquatic exercise period. The group average for flexibility improved about twenty percent after the testing period. Additionally, some reported decreased joint pain and better quality of sleep.

This study has shown that aquatic exercise on an underwater treadmill is a positive way to improve flexibility, sleep patterns and reduce muscle and joint pain in middle-aged and older adults.

To see a full overview of all of the research on a HydroWorx underwater treadmill, download our free Research Studies Book here>>

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