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Considerations When Choosing a Pool for Your Clinic

2015 June 29

DSC_5691webThe following post is summarized from the recent article, “Taking the Plunge,” written by Dan Seidler, PT, Owner of WSPT, and published in PT Products online.

Aquatic therapy can be one of the best modalities to provide improved outcomes and increased patient satisfaction, but it can also offer an additional revenue stream for a facility. Using aquatic therapy helps to establish a physical therapy clinic as the “facility of choice” in the area. Multiple patient populations benefit from aquatic therapy including those with issues such as chronic pain, obesity, muscle soreness and balance problems. The natural properties of water promote healing, decrease swelling, reduce the impact on joints and enhance cardiovascular endurance.

In the article, Dan Seidler discusses several considerations to look at before investing in any pool:

  1. Staff training: A properly trained staff who understand the values of aquatic therapy helps to increase compliance and outcomes in the pool.
  2. Maintenance: A commitment to making sure the pool is maintained on a  daily, weekly and monthly schedule is vital to being successful.
  3. “Partner” relationship: Finding a manufacturer that feels like a partner in a facility’s success, instead of just a vendor, and can help identify needs and provide good advice.
  4. Durability: It is beneficial to find a vendor that is committed to service and offers a reliable product.
  5. Return on Investment: Make sure to run the numbers and see the potential ROI for your facility. A vendor should be able to offer a detailed model with suggestions to make the pool successful.

Once aquatic therapy is integrated into a practice and patients begin to see benefits from the pool, additional programs can be added to provide additional revenue to the facility. At WSPT, multiple programs have been used such as wellness programs with private pay, youth swimming classes and group classes. These additional programs offer additional revenue and also enhance word of mouth marketing as people who otherwise would not be in the facility create a relationship with the practice.

Read the full article here>>

To calculate your potential ROI from investing in a therapy pool, download our profitability analysis today>>

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HydroWorx is Making a Splash at NATA 2015

2015 June 22
by hydroworx

With the start of NATA 2015 right around the corner, we hope you are as excited as we are for this year’s event.  This year marks the 66th Annual NATA symposium, and the event from June 24-26, 2015, in St. Louis, MO, promises to be bigger and better than ever.  As an exhibitor in booth #1723, we plan to add to the excitement by unveiling our latest innovation.

Be sure to visit us at Booth #1723 for:Sneak-peak

  • Chance to Win a PolarPlunge Pool: The HydroWorx PolarPlunge pool giveaway has returned. All certified athletic trainers can enter the drawing to compete for a PolarPlunge pool for your sports medicine facility by filling out our market survey online or in booth #1723. Three lucky certified athletic trainers will get a chance to win the PolarPlunge on Thursday, June 25th at 11:30am in booth #1723. You must be present to win. (Giveaway not available for students.)
  • The softest HydroWorx t-shirts yet: Fill out our survey in the booth for your free HydroWorx t-shirt (while supplies last).
  • Excellence in Aquatics Award: Please join us for the 3rd HydroWorx Excellence in Aquatics Award (SMED) Ceremony Thursday June 25th at 11:30am in our booth, #1723. To learn more about the Excellence in Aquatics Award, click here>>
  • Our Newest Innovation in Aquatic Therapy: We are excited to debut our new, construction-free product at NATA this year. Be among the first to try it out by registering for a demo today!


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Research Compares Lactate Threshold on Land vs Underwater Treadmill

2015 June 19

Web_DSC5709webRecent research from the Utah State University has focused on identifying whether the intensity where lactate threshold occurs is similar in water vs. land treadmill exercise. The study, “Land Versus Water Treadmill Running: Lactate Threshold,” performed by Ron Garner, Dale Wagner, Eadric Bressel, and Dennis G. Dolny, was designed to identify if the lactic acid that builds up in your blood stream (lactate threshold (LT)) occurs at  different intensities (energy expenditure and treadmill running speeds) when running on land versus an aquatic treadmill. Fifteen males and females free of injury and active runners participated in this study. Each participant was tested for VO2 max, treadmill speed and blood lactate concentration on both the land treadmill and underwater treadmill.

It was found that the lactate threshold occurred at similar perceived effort, and running speed on the underwater as the land treadmill. Additionally, participants experienced the lactate threshold at a lower HR and VO2 response in water. Results concluded that aquatic therapy is beneficial to achieve threshold-intensity training while lowering the stress on the joints that is caused by land running.

This proves valuable for those looking to achieve high intensity training or exercise but without the impact on joints. Aging adults, injured athletes, individuals with arthritis, those that are overweight or healthy athletes can reap the benefits of high intensity training without the impact on their joints. Using an underwater treadmill allows those with injuries or chronic pain to move more freely. For healthy athletes that have an intense training schedule, overuse injuries can be avoided using an underwater treadmill to maintain intensity, without the pounding of land training.

Download our Research Studies Book for a comprehensive overview of studies that have been done on underwater treadmills.

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A Business Plan for Success: 4 Potential Revenue Sources

2015 June 17

DSC_5691Opening a new facility, particularly with the integration of aquatic therapy, can be a large undertaking. Not only does it take a lot of work to get a business up and running, but there is a lot of unknowns once the facility is officially open. Taking steps to ensure that all of the equipment purchased will bring in revenue is important.

A lot of planning goes into opening a clinic. We recently hosted a webinar in which Keith Ori, PT and Patrick Gulick, MS, PT, Co-Owners of Orthopedic Rehab’s Aquatic and Spine Center in Kalispell, MT shared a firsthand experience of opening their own clinic and what the ROI looked like with the addition of an aquatic therapy pool. Watch the webinar on-demand here.

Aquatic therapy can be a beneficial addition to a healthcare business and HydroWorx pools present multiple opportunities to provide superior service, high levels of care and additional sources of revenue. Although aquatic therapy as portion of a patient’s physical therapy routine is the most common use of a HydroWorx pool in a healthcare setting, there are a few other uses of the pool that can benefit your business:

  1. Physical Therapy – Aquatic therapy allows you to begin physical therapy sooner than on land and is reimbursed by insurance. It may be billed in an individual or group setting.
  2. Personal Training – The low impact of running or walking on the underwater treadmill acts as a great supplement to land-based training and can be offered in 30 minute or hour sessions.
  3. Sports Performance – Sports specific training can benefit athletes at all levels by improving running mechanics and cardiovascular endurance, while also increasing muscle strength and decreasing joint impact. Local athletes or teams can often benefit from your services during non-office hours.
  4. Private Pay Wellness Treatments – Massage therapy in the HydroWorx pool can be used to treat chronic pain, joint replacements and other ailments. These sessions can be offered a la carte for those needing additional treatment.

The first step to offering this competitive advantage is being able to identify what the revenue potential is for the aquatic therapy pool you purchase. You can run a custom, interactive Return on Investment analysis for your business by downloading our profitability analyzer>>

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Managing Chronic Pain Using Aquatics

2015 June 12
HydroWorx 2000 Series at Pieters Family Life Center

HydroWorx 2000 Series at Pieters Family Life Center

The following post is summarized from the recent article, “A new kind of holy water,” written by Barb Cacia, BS Ed., Wellness Coordinator at Pieters Family Life Center, and published online for McKnight’s.

Barb Cacia has spent many years helping individuals manage chronic pain by focusing on movement and incorporating sleep, nutrition and thought control into her programs. Aquatic therapy has been a key component of her programs due to they natural properties of water that are so beneficial for those with chronic pain. The warmth of the water coupled with the water’s buoyancy, which removes up to 100% of a person’s bodyweight, provides the freedom to move without pain.

When Barb discovered the HydroWorx 2000 Series pool at Pieter’s Family Life Center, she found that she could serve the community in multiple different ways. The technology combined with the warm water had impressive psychological and physiological benefits to those with chronic pain. Pieter’s Family Life Center now serves the community in a variety of ways with their aquatic program:

  • Traditional physical therapy
  • Public access
  • Fitness classes
  • Balance classes
  • One-on-one sessions

Chronic pain affects up to 85% of older adults and can cause depression, anxiety and social isolation. Barb has found that using aquatic therapy as a component of managing one’s chronic pain can be beneficial in tackling these symptoms.

Read the full article here>>


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