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Meet with HydroWorx at Rehab Summit

2014 July 21

Cross Country Education is proud to present the 8th Annual Rehab Summit this week in Nashville,TN, and HydroWorx is excited to be an exhibitor again this year. Cross Country Education is “Leading the Way in Continuing Education And Professional Development” for healthcare professionals. For rehabilitation therapy, they have conducted over 12,000 one-day seminars with over 400,000 attendees! Rehab Summit is a three-day conference and expo that brings together highly qualified rehabilitation professionals from multiple disciplines, creating a great educational and networking experience for all in attendance. The majority of the attendees are physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, followed by occupational therapists and athletic trainers. We hope you will stop by the HydroWorx booth #307 while you are in town!_PBP0602r

Finding ways to set your clinic apart from competitors is a key to your facility’s success. Offering aquatic therapy to your patients could be a distinct advantage to set you apart. Not only has it been proven to enhance rehab outcomes, but it can also be a very profitable addition to your clinic’s toolkit. Stop by booth #307 to learn more!

Are you interested in learning more about the power of aquatic therapy?

In addition to HydroWorx exhibiting at the expo, one of our many loyal and talented customers will be presenting an educational session. Join Veronica Paquette, PT and Owner of Essex Aquatic and Rehab Center in Essex Junction, VT for the informative session titled, “The Power of Water- Aquatic Shoulder Rehabilitation.” Paquette’s presentation will be held Friday July 25, 2014 from 11:45am to 1:30pm in the exhibit hall during lunch. Her educational session will review the physical properties of water and how they impact a patient’s aquatic session. The majority of the session will be spent offering a variety of aquatic exercises specific to the shoulder/ upper extremities. These exercises will progress from standing, supine, and prone activities with instruction on progression of activities utilizing a variety of aquatic equipment. A treatment flow sheet will also be provided for participants to use with their clients.  Learn more about this presentation>>

We hope to see you in the music capital of the world this week!


Upcoming Free Webinar: How to Make Aquatic Therapy Profitable

On August 12, 2014 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm EDT, Veronica Paquette, PT, Owner of Essex Aquatic & Rehab Center, will be presenting the free webinar, “How to Make Aquatic Therapy Profitable.. This webinar will help you compare possible monthly expenses and potential generated income. With the ever changing reimbursement rates, there will be ideas to help generate additional revenue to your business outside of physical therapy income. It will also review maintenance requirements for a small therapy pool.

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HydroWorx Track Club Does it Again

2014 July 18
Crossing the finish line first. (From PennLive)

Crossing the finish line first. (From PennLive)

Members of the HydroWorx track club were busy in action this week racing in the annual Millers Mutual Harrisburg Mile.

History of the Harrisburg Mile: 

The Harrisburg Mile was founded in July of 1982 by the Harrisburg office of Smith Barney. The leadership baton for the Harrisburg Mile has been passed to Millers Mutual, a long-time supporter of the area’s well-known event. Millers Mutual now serves as the title sponsor for the race that benefits the local YMCA. Over its three decade history, the Millers Mutual Harrisburg Mile has developed into the area’s largest race event. With 13 different mile heats including a Half Pint Half Mile, Elite Mile, Masters Elite, Corporate Challenge and Just for Fun Mile/Walk, the event is a challenge for all ages and abilities.

Karen Mashinski, Vice President, CFO of Millers Mutual, says, “The East Shore YMCA provides so many benefits for so many people, young and old, fortunate and less fortunate, both within the YMCA walls and throughout the community at large. Millers Mutual is not only a neighbor to the YMCA, but a staunch advocate of everything the YMCA represents.  Because of this, we are honored to show our support as a long term partner of the Millers Mutual Harrisburg Mile.”

With their help, the event has raised over to $480,000 over the years to benefit youth programs at the YMCA.

The members of the HydroWorx Track Club that participated in Wednesday’s race were Nick Berra, Mary Dell, Kevin Fuller, Mark Fuller and Emily Dubs. 

And the results are:

  • Mary Dell finished as the first female in her age group and ninth in overall Elite Mile with a time of 5:00.26.
  • Emily Dubbs finished third in her age group and 12th in overall Elite Mile with a time of 5:25.14.
  • Nick Berra finished first in his age group and fifth in the overall Elite Mile with a time of 4:30.16.
  • Mark Fuller third in the overall Elite Mile with a time of 4:28.16.
  • Kevin Fuller sixth in overall Elite Mile with a time of 4:36.67

Congratulation on your recent success and we look forward to many more successful races!

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Consider Water Therapy for Tactile Defensiveness

2014 July 18

helenvideoWater therapy may not be a “go to” therapy for tactile defensiveness, but a case study from our archives shows how it can have a significant impact on a child’s progress. Tactile defensiveness is a sensory processing disorder in which the body perceives input differently and can make even the gentlest loving touch a traumatic experience.

In this case study, Helen, who has Down Syndrome, is extremely sensitive to touch, particularly on her hands, feet and orally. Touch in those areas would cause her pain and quickly distract her from an activity. After she had completed physical therapy, her land physical therapists suggested she try aquatic therapy to continue making improvements. Her aquatic therapist, Julie Mortenson, worked one-on-one with Helen to improve her ability to follow instructions and reduce the impact of the tactile defensiveness on her activities of daily living.

Using a HydroWorx 2000 Series pool at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, MN, Mortenson can put the water depth to even just a few inches to create a safe yet challenging environment for Helen to practice receiving sensory input while also doing other things. We typically think of using the underwater treadmill as a gait training modality, but in this case Mortenson set a goal of using the treadmill as a way to practice following complex directions with sensory input in a safe and balanced way.

This unique use of aquatic therapy and the HydroWorx pool is a great reminder of how a little creativity and a lot of hard work can have surprising and impressive results!

Watch Helen’s story here:


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HydroWorx at the Ballpark

2014 July 17
by hydroworx

Here at HydroWorx, we believe in a “Work Hard/Play Hard” culture. It’s true that we don’t always play as hard as we work, but once in a while we make surIMG_4873.JPGe to have some fun!  What better day than a Monday to “close up” shop early and head to a baseball game for the afternoon?  The forecast for storms was looming (and so were the storm clouds) but we stayed dry even into extra innings. It was a great way to sit back and chat with co-workers that we don’t always get to see. Our local AA baseball team, the Harrisburg Senators played the Altoona Curve in a tight game that went to 10 innings. The Senators tied the game in the 9th and pulled out the win at the bottom of the 10th!  Surrounded by school kids, we had a lot of fun cheering on the home team!



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World Class Technology and Therapy for World Class Soldiers

2014 July 14

DrAndrews 051The following post has been summarized from the recent article in Government Recreation and Fitness titled, “Tactical Athletes…Naval Special Warfare Building More Resilient Warriors.”

For those who are completing some of the most challenging and dangerous missions in the military, it is essential that they receive the best training, equipment and resources.

“Our mission is to provide optimum sports medicine, rehabilitative care and medical material support to all active duty personnel of Naval Special Warfare Group One,” said Mark Rogow, who is the Sports Medicine program manager for Naval Special Warfare Group One (NSWGI), NAB Coronado, Calif. “We provide musculoskeletal support to those who sustain injuries of any kind by providing clinical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation by a highly trained and specialized team of experts. The plan of care is designed to achieve the maximum level of function in a minimum amount of time, taking into account the safety of the individuals and operations commitments of the NSW population.”

The Sports Medicine Clinic is part of the Tactical Athlete Program (TAP) and the Logistics Support Unit Medical Department. The Human Performance staff, which includes strength coaches, a performance dietician and sports-psych professional works within the TAP. “TAP is a Special Operations Command-funded program that provides the collegiate and professional sports medicine/human performance model across all of SpecOps.”

Additionally, they have created The Bridge Gym which serves as the link between rehab and the human performance team. This creates a smooth transition from rehab back to either their teams or the facilities, which is where the human performance staff is located. The Bridge Gym is home to the Bridge program “which is designed to augment the NSW operators overall conditioning, both following injury and/or surgical intervention, as well as those who have not suffered an injury.”

There are numerous other programs and processes instituted on this base to create the best possible care for their recovering soldiers. In addition, the facilities hosts an abundance of top-of-the-line equipment and modalities. These include: LightForce Class IV Laser; HydroWorx Therapeutic Pool with underwater treadmill; OptoGait; Total Gym; Game Ready/Quad 7 devices; Shuttle 2000; Keiser Iso-trainer and so many more. (The full list is on page 21 of the article).

A recent key area of focus is hydrotherapy with their newly installed HydroWorx aquatic therapy pool.

“It has taken over two years to make this dream a reality, and we anticipate the pool to be up and running within the next month,” said Rogow. “One of the reasons we are looking forward to using the hydrotherapy pool is so we can initiate treatment and intervention sooner with many different types of acute injuries, post-op patients and chronic pain patients. With the underwater treadmill, we will be able to go forward or backwards or sideways, as well as do rotational movements so we are looking forward to increasing our capability here with hydrotherapy.”

Rogow along with the staff of athletic trainers, physical therapists and strength coaches are enthusiastic about implementing this technology into the overall recovery process. Rogow said his experience in professional and collegiate athletics has taught him that hydrotherapy “is an incredible modality for so many athletes….pre-hab, post-surgical, chronic pain, acute injury, recovery and much more.”

HydroWorx is truly honored to be able to be a part of this facility.

Download the “5 Ways Aquatic Therapy Impacts Rehabilitation” Tip Sheet

Aquatic therapy has been used for years by progressive physical therapists and athletic trainers. The use of physical therapy pools has decreased recovery times allowing clinicians to rewrite protocols for common injuries.Find out what makes water such a key component of their rehabilitation programming. Download this tip sheet today>>

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