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Achilles Tendon Rehab for MLS Soccer Player

2014 November 14

demeritreflectionThe recovery from an achilles tendon rupture can be long and painful, especially when it happens in the first game of a season. Jay DeMerit of the Vancouver Whitecaps, experienced just that, only 6 minutes into the start of the 2013 season.

Thankfully he had access to the amazing staff and facilities at Fortius Sport and Health. Jay was back to jogging on land in 12-14 weeks, full training with the team in 5 months and back to game play before 6 months. He returned so quickly not only because of his body’s fast healing, but also because of the mode of rehabilitation which allowed him to maintain fitness even while restricted in weight-bearing activities. Nick Held, Director of Hydrotherapy at Fortius, had Jay in the HydroWorx 2000 Series pool for 1 hour per day, 5 days a week for 4 months to keep his body strong and ready for what was to come on the field. Nick kept in close contact with the head athletic trainer for the Whitecaps and was introducing new activities 2-3 weeks prior to when he was cleared to do them on land. This gave Jay a tremendous boost in confidence in using and trusting his ankle. By the time he was performing protocols on land, he had already mastered them in a safe environment and felt confident that his ankle could handle the dynamic movements.

Using the underwater treadmill, resistance jets, underwater cameras and some creativity, Jay was able to closely mimic land movements and correct any gait patterns immediately. The beginning stages of rehab included things such as simple walking, heel raises and single leg balance. Once Jay mastered those, he was able to move on to more dynamic movements for the ankle like lunges, side steps and karaoke. When he was cleared for further progression, they focused on active range of motion protocols.

Learn more about Jay Demerit’s rehab at Fortius by watching the video below:


Don’t miss our upcoming webinar, “The Use of Hydrotherapy for Gait Re-Education” presented by Kerry Glendon, MSc BSc(Hons), mCSP, mMACP, mACPSEM, mAACP, Clinical Specialist, Perform at St. George’s Park, on November 18, 2014 at 11:00am EST. The presentation will detail exercises in the pool that may improve the altered movement patterns and the outcomes gained using aquatics with patients at Perform, St. George’s Park. Register Today>>

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Diving Deeper into Athlete Rehabilitation

2014 November 13

Copyright. Kevin Korczyk

When an athlete gets injured, the physical rehabilitation is crucial to getting them back to their sport in a safe and efficient manner. The physical tasks are often more grueling than training, as athletes work to increase their strength and slowly return to normal function. Unlike practice during the season, with games and competitions interspersed, the hard work of rehabilitation doesn’t have immediate rewards. Many injured athletes spend months in a training room, weight room or home gym by themselves working tirelessly to return.

This mental toughness is sometimes just as hard, or harder, than the physical aspect. Athletes often go through a range of emotions including frustration, sadness, resentment, fear and loneliness. Getting through those feelings is half of the battle of rehabilitation.

A recent article published on, “Brandon Ashley is over the hurt” captures the feelings of what an athlete goes through and how they are able to overcome. Athletic trainers can play an integral role in pushing them through those negative thoughts and focusing on the promising end goal. Using different techniques, protocols and goals allows athletes to see progress in the day to day activities that can be grueling and painful. The athletic training staff at the University of Arizona uses multiple methods, including hydrotherapy in their HydroWorx pools to instill confidence and promote recovery.

Watch Brandon’s story here>>

In case you missed our webcast from the University of Arizona, “The Stages of Aquatic Rehabilitation After ACL Tear,” view it on demand to see how the athletic training staff at Arizona use HydroWorx aquatic technology to get their athletes back in action.

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Free Webinar: The Use of Hydrotherapy for Gait Re-Education

2014 November 11

Following an injury, surgery or accident, re-establishing proper gait is extremely important for a successful recovery.

Join us on November 18 from 11:00am to 12:00pm EST for the free webinar, “The Use of Hydrotherapy for Gait Re-Education.” Kerry Glendon, MSc BSc(Hons), mCSP, mMACP, mACPSEM, mAACP, Clinical Specialist, Perform at St. George’s Park, will cover how to identify dysfunction of walking and running gait on land as well as protocols for gait training in the pool. 

HydroWorx aquatic therapy pool at St. George's Park

HydroWorx aquatic therapy pool at St. George’s Park

Hydrotherapy can reduce weight-bearing to 10%, allowing re-education of gait to begin very early in a patient’s recovery. Patients are often discharged from the hospital partially weight-bearing or even still completely non weight-bearing. Therefore, they often adapt altered movement patterns when mobilizing that can be difficult to correct once they are full weight-bearing. 

Additional features can provide advanced therapeutic options for instance, the underwater cameras in the HydroWorx aquatic therapy pool provide immediate feedback to the patient, allowing them to instantly alter their gait. This presentation will detail exercises in the pool and the additional features of the product that may help to improve the altered movement patterns and outcomes gained using aquatics with patients at Perform, St. George’s Park. 

Learn more and register today>>

About the presenter:

Kerry Glendon graduated from Keele University in 2007 with a BSc Physiotherapy degree. She has since completed her Masters in Manual Therapy at the University of Nottingham and gained membership of the Musculoskeletal Association of Charted Physiotherapists (MACP).  Kerry completed her Acupuncture foundation course in 2008 and has since used acupuncture in her practice. Kerry also works with the FA Ladies National Football squads during training, matches and international competitions across all age groups.

Kerry has a wealth of experience having worked for a rugby team and in a National Health Service setting for the past six years, gaining experience and expertise in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. She has a clinical interest in shoulder and spinal conditions which she has focused on during her Master’s dissertation.

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Why Water Worx for Wellness

2014 November 10

Wellness encompasses much more than just being active. According to The World Health Organization, “Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Wellness is all about making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Wellness Group Class in the HydroWorx 2000 Series pool

Wellness Group Class in the HydroWorx 2000 Series pool


In order to work towards overall wellness, an active and healthy lifestyle is important. There are many types of exercise and activities in which to participate, but very few that encompass more than one dimension of wellness.

Water is an ideal exercise environment for older adults as it eliminates the fear of falling or injury. It is also fun, enjoyable and therapeutic. The healing powers of warm water can enhance multiple dimensions of well-being. Warm water exercise:

  • Unloads joints
  • Increases patients’ range of motion
  • Reduces the risk of falling or injury
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Reduces muscle soreness and pain
  • Increases strength and balance
  • Is fun and enjoyable

Barb Cacia, BS Ed., Wellness Coordinator at Pieters Family Life Center, offers many successful wellness programs at her facility and shares some creative ways for structuring a class as well as engaging participants in this new white paper, “Why Water Worx for Wellness.”

“Wellness is so much more than moving your muscles, eating veggies and doing yoga! It’s the interconnection of body, mind and spirit! The warm pool temperature provides the participant with comfort, buoyancy and ease of movement, which in turn decreases the stress on the participant. So physically and emotionally, people are more open to wellness suggestions and lifestyle changes! After a few weeks of water exercise people leave the program with a positive outlook, increased abilities and feeling good about themselves and their bodies!” – Barb Cacia

Download our  free White Paper today to learn the ways how water can impact wellness including:

  • How the healing powers of warm water environments enhance multiple dimensions of well-being
  • Why warm water activity is ideal for aging adults
  • Creative ideas for implementing a wellness program in water

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Aquatic Therapy Center Opens at Cedar Village

2014 November 7

Their newly installed pool!

The following blog post has been summarized from the recent article, High-Tech aquatic therapy center opens in Mason, published on 

Cedar Village Retirement Village located in Mason, OH recently opened a high-tech aquatic rehabilitation center (The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati Aquatic Therapy Center) to complete phase 2 of their rehab services expansion. The Aquatic Therapy Center includes two HydroWorx 1200 Series pools which will be used for rehabilitation for patients of all ages, along with a large recreational pool for group therapy, aerobics classes and lap swimming.

The HydroWorx 1200 Series pools offer movable floors that raise for easy entry, even for those with mobility problems or even in wheelchairs. The entire floor also doubles as an underwater treadmill for proper gait training and exercise. Underwater cameras allow physical therapists and patients to view their underwater movements and make immediate corrections when necessary.

On October 24, 2014, the complex was dedicated with donors, community leaders and staff present for the event. Tours were given so that everyone could see the amenities in action at the impressive facility. Debi Tyler, the rehabilitation director at Cedar Village stated:

We’re thrilled with the reaction we’ve received from people who have toured the Aquatic Therapy Center. Over the years, our patients have told us repeatedly that they love the care they receive from our expert, compassionate staff. This new facility will help us provide even better service to our patients and help them heal even more quickly.

Congratulations to Cedar Village on their new facility!

To learn more about why water worx for senior living services, download our tipsheet>>

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